Partner Management


Partnership tab consists of two sections – Pending approval and History.

Pending approval

In this section, you can see all partnership requests that are currently pending your approval.

Every partnership request contains:

  • Partner name
  • Selected package and price
  • Date when the partnership has been requested by the partner
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Partner status (e.g. if a partner is Active then request comes from existing partner)
  • Website
  • Description of partnership request

Here you can Approve or Reject partnership requests. When you Reject partnership request, you will be asked to fill in a description that will be sent to partners email (use it to describe why you have rejected a partnership request).


Inside the history section, you can see the complete history of your partnership approvals and rejections. History section consists out of 3 sections:

  • Partner name
  • Package (price)
  • Approval/Denial date

You can also search packages by partners name through the search bar.

Export complete history to a CSV file to manage it offline.

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