Manage point names

In this section, you can see all your created points. You can search point by its name through the search bar or filter them by date of creation. From this tab, you can also manage your point types. Point name appears throughout the end-user applications and represents your loyalty and coupon currency that end users must acquire to earn coupons.

Example 1: earn 5 stamps for free coffee.

Example 2: earn 15 more points for free GB.

Example 3: earn 1 more banana to get a discount.

Name your points

Enter the name for your points. Use a singular name, example: point, banana, coffee, coin, etc.

Use the catchy name to further your brand or different point names if you run more than one loyalty.

Point expiration

Set the validity of your points. From the moment end-user earns a point(s), how long will those point(s) be available for the user. After expiration, point balance will be reduced for expired points.

Point expiry notification

Enter a message that will be sent to the end-user (as an in-app notification and within your channel chat thread) once the points obtained by that end users are about to expire.

Example: Your points are about to expire in 3 days.

Point expiry reminder

Enter how many days before expiration will the Points expiry message from above be sent.

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