Ad helps you define how your advertising will be presented to the end-users. Ads exist within ad campaigns. You can use your ad inside multiple ad campaigns (e.g. if you want to reuse your marketing materials for a new ad campaign). An Ad is active and visible to the end-users only when it belongs to a campaign. Once you create an ad and it gets approved by the tenant, create a new campaign or edit existing one and add an ad to it so it becomes active.

Every ad must be approved by Tenant. You will not be able to add the ad to a campaign until it gets approved.


  • Banner

Smallest ad unit in the Octopus system.

  • Interstitial

This type of ad covers the full screen of the end user’s device.

  • Video

It allows you to advertise to the end users using video.

  • Native

This type of ad allows you to show your ads to the end-users in the least intrusive way possible. Your ads will look like they are part of the application and will not be visible as banner/interstitial overlays.


Enter the title of your ad. End users can see the title of your ads as shown in the examples above.


Optional field. Same as for Title, end-users will be able to see your ad subtitle. Use it to describe your ad in a few words.

Notice: banner ads as the smallest type of ads cannot present the subtitle field.


Enter the description of your ad. Description field is used internally for all ad types except for the interstitial where end users can see the description as shown above.

Click URL

What URL will be opened once the end-users click on CTA text

CTA Text

Short for a call to action text (e.g. “Click me”, “Install now”, etc.). Click on the CTA text to opens the URL set above.

Icon Image

Used for banners and interstitial ad types. Check the example above to see how it is presented to the end-users.


Upload content for your ad. This can be the background image for the interstitial, banner or native ads or video for video type ads.

For banner ad types recommended size is 320×50 pixels, while full HD images are recommended for interstitial ads. A recommended video in mp4 and 30 seconds long.

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