Manage Content

On this page, you can access all your content engagements, see when content has been made available, what is the content status, content type and basic analytics. From this page, you can also search content by their title, or filter it by channel, status or date when the desired content was created.

Basic analytics show how many people had downloaded your content. To access detailed analytics, please visit tab Analytics, section Content.

You can edit content from this page simply by pressing edit icon on the right. Use navigation buttons to submit or dismiss changes as well as to enable or disable the content.

From this page, you will also be able to share your content Simply click on the  icon and you will be able to create a link where you wish your content to be shared.

You can set your content to appear on your channel page in order that you wish. Simply click on  icon of the desired content and enter the position number to set specific place in the section for this engagement. If you enter the same number for more than one engagement, they will be ordered by the last updated time.

Notice 1: once you select the channel in which content will be visible, you won’t be able to change it.

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