Coupon Types

Based on how a coupon can be redeemed, we have 4 types:

  1. Scan QR code
  2. Time-based
  3. Click to redeem
  4. Auto activate

Description and look & feel of each type.

QR code

QR code coupon type is redeemed on sight by scanning QR codes. When clicked on redeem, end-users unique QR code will be shown on the mobile screen. End-user visits partner store and shows QR code to the cashier to be scanned and a coupon is being activated using the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon Partner app.

This scenario can be done even if the end-user mobile phone does not have an internet connection (Partner app is required to have internet access).

End users can also open the camera (top right corner icon) and scan a QR code that represents a specific coupon and activate benefit. A QR code can be shown to the end-user by Airtel Hyderabad Marathon Partner app or printed and shown as a hard copy. For this scenario, the internet connection is required.


Time-based coupons do not require the use of Airtel Hyderabad Marathon Partner apps. A benefit is redeemed on sight simple by end-users pressing of redeeming and showing that coupon has been redeemed to the cashier or partner.

Upon redeeming a coupon, evidence of coupon activation is visible on the end-user screen for the next 3 minutes. Internet connection is required.

Immediately upon successful activation (e.g. hourglass has appeared), end users receive Redeem message if that option is set up when creating a coupon.

Click to redeem

Click to redeem coupon type represents online coupon redemption. Click to redeem is used for coupons that do not require end-users to visits partner shops (e.g. mobile data, digital goods and gifts, etc.).

These coupons are redeemed by a simple click on the Redeem button. Internet connection is required.

Upon successful activation, end-users receive Redeem message if you have written it in step 3 of coupon creation.

Auto activate

Auto-activated coupons allow you to activate benefits to the end-users without requiring any action from their side.

A coupon will be activated as soon as it becomes available for the end-user (e.g. end-user earned enough points, the end-user enters the location, etc.).

Since activation does not require end-users to visit partner shops, this coupon type is also used for online coupon redemption (e.g. mobile data, digital goods and gifts, etc.). Internet connection is required.

Upon successful activation, end-users receive Redeem message if you set that option while creating a coupon (step 3 of coupon creation).

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