Unpublish Channel

When you create a channel, and the channel becomes active, option Unpublish appears. This option allows you to temporarily disable your channel and make it unavailable to the users. Once disabled, a channel can be re-enabled by pressing the Publish button. During disabled status, all coupons inside your channel will be unavailable to the end-users.

Notice: If you have selected a package with the limited number of channels and the same number of chats and you decide to unpublish one of your channels and wish to create a new one, you will have to disable the chat of unpublished channel so that you can enable a chat of the new one.

Example: You have selected a package with 5 Channels and 5 Chats. You create those channels and decide to unpublish one so that you can create a new one. Once you have created a new channel you will not be able to enable a chat because the chat of the previous, unpublished channel is still enabled and you have reached the limited number of chats from your current package. To avoid this, before unpublishing a channel, first go back and disable the chat, then unpublish the channel. 

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