Welcome to the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon admin page. Here you can create channels and engage with the end-users, track the success of your campaigns, chat with your followers and so much more.

In order to get the best in the system, we suggest that you start by creating locations. To see how locations are being created, check the Location section.

Once you are done with your locations, go to the channels tab and create your first channel. To see how to create your channel, check the ‘Channel‘ section.

Be sure not to publish your channel before you create engagements for your new followers.

See how you can engage with the end-users in the ‘Engage‘ section. Once you have created enough material for your new channel, go back and publish it so everyone can see it.

Get end-users to install your applications by offering powerful incentives such as free products and services or cheaper prices for the users of your app. To see how to create a coupon, visit the ‘Coupon’ section.

You will soon start receiving partnership requests from potential partners. Check the ‘Partner Management‘ section to see how to approve and manage your partners.

Now that you are done, go to the analytics tab and track the progress of your new channel, engagements, and incoming partners.

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