Create your first channel

Step 1- Basic info


Enter the name of your channel. The name can have a maximum of 80 characters. The channel name is not visible to Users.


Select the locations you would like to connect to your channel. The drop-down list shows only the locations that you have created. You can create location after you create your channel and link it in the edit mode. Your location(s) are displayed at the bottom of your channel, next to your external links and your website URL. 


Write a description of your channel. End users will be able to preview description of your channel before they decide if they want to follow your channel. Describe your brand and what the end users can expect from this channel, mention your engagements (e.g. if you plan to give away free products, discounts and your loyalty programs, special offers), working hours, promotions, etc. You can use up to 2000 characters to describe your channel.


Tags give you the possibility to filter your channel by parameters that are relevant to your brand. There can be 2 or more type of tags. Depending on what kind of brand you want to represent through the channel, you will have multiple options displayed. You will be able to select more than one tag for one Channel. End-Users will have the option to filter Channels based on tags.

Tag Level 1

Use this field to define your channel. This will be the main category for your channel(s).

Example: If you want to make a channel for a restaurant that is located in more than one city or county, your first tag will be the name of the city/country you are creating a channel for.

Tag Level 2

Tags level 2 are used for grouping your channels.

Example: Tag level 2 would put your channel in one specific category. So, if you are creating a channel for a restaurant, you will check the ‘Food & Drink’ field.

Notice: Tags are created depending on the needs of the clients and the type of their business they want to promote through the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon app.

Enable comments from followers

Step 2- Onboarding

Welcome message

Enter the message end user will receive inside the chat thread of your channel once they follow it. This field is optional.

If you have other messages scheduled for new followers, a welcome message will always be shown as the first inside the chat thread and then the other messages as they come.

Notice 1: if you have free coupons that you give to the end users once they follow your channel you might want to skip this step and thank them for following inside Coupon available message (or you can use both). See how to set up a coupon at coupon section.

Notice 2: End users will automatically receive a welcome message from your channels upon installing an application.

Channel icon

This is the logo for your channel (e.g. your brand logo). Click on the guidelines for advice regarding format and resolution.

Channel banner

Upload and attach up to 3 banners to your channel.

Click on the guidelines for advice.

Neither the logo nor the channel banner will be visible to end-users.

External links and phone number

Optionally, you can include social media links to your social pages or URL so end-users can visit your website. In this version of Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, end-users will not be able to see your channel page and your social links.

You can always add new or replace existing banners through editing channel even if you publish it.

From this page, you will also have the option to add your phone number which end users will be able to use if they have any additional question about your channel.

Step 3 – Restrictions

Set age restrictions

Use this field to specify if your channel contains content that shouldn’t be available for certain age groups. Enter age and users will be asked to confirm that they are of the right age to follow this channel (above-entered age).

Notice: have in mind that we will always display warning question to the users who have submitted their age (even if we know they are older or younger than the requested age). By accepting, they will follow your channel.

Notice: age restriction and terms do not affect channels made by you since they are automatically followed by the end-users.

Terms & Conditions

Paste URL address of your channel terms and conditions and we will show it when users try to follow your channel as shown above. This field is mandatory once you require age restriction. Otherwise, it’s optional.

Step 4- Preview

The last step in completing the channel-creation wizard shows the inputs for your channel.

Along with a first look, this is also where you can set a test group to preview your channel and its coupons before it goes live.  Publish this channel only for specific people. Once you want to publish the channel for everyone, edit this channel and uncheck this option. You can provide test phone UDIDs for the opportunity to see your test channel using the regular Airtel Hyderabad Marathon application for end-users.

Click Save to complete the process of setting up your channel and proceed to make coupons or other engagements before it’s published. Alternatively, you could postpone this step and make the channel immediately available to Users by clicking the Create & Publish button.

Navigation buttons

During the entire process of creating your channel, you will have multiple options displayed on the bottom of the wizard, that helps you navigate and change the status of your channel:

  • Back – Move to the previous step of the channel creation wizard
  • Next – move to the next step of the channel creation wizard
  • Delete – this option completely removes a channel from the system. Available only while a channel is in draft Once deleted, a channel will disappear from the list of your channels.

When you reach the last step, options Save and Create & Publish appears. Option Save will save your changes and create a channel in draft status which makes it not visible to the end-users. While your channel is in the draft, use that time to create coupons or other engagements that will be available inside your channel, once you publish it. Once your channel is ready, you can make it live and available to the end-users by clicking on Create & Publish button.

When a channel becomes active, option Unpublish appears. This option allows you to temporarily disable your channel and make it unavailable to the Users. Once disabled, a channel can be re-enabled by pressing the Publish button. During disabled status, all coupons inside your channel will be unavailable to the end-users.

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